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We started as a typo, then became real just as the surreal began to happen: School closures, travel bans, the outlawing of public gatherings. We can thank the novel Corona Virus for bringing us to life. So as the mystery of making history continues to unfold, we thought we'd make something fun to counteract public despair.


We exist to entice you into the world of solving the mysteries of history. No one said it would be easy, but we did say it might be fun. Maybe. If. 

You like weird stuff. Maybe. If. You're not afraid of searching for clues and unraveling evidence. Maybe. If. You you're just bored beyond belief with no school, and no work, and no one who will come closer to you than the length of all the toilet paper on a roll. 

So, we're here for you. We're literally combing the back room and nearly forgotten storage areas to uncover the strange and wonderful things in our collection. We're piecing together almost forgotten stories of lost ships, stormy waters, and strange sightings of curious things. 

And though we may be here for you, we may not be perfect. But that's part of the fun, AND where we may need you to investigate in the field and fill in the gaps. Ready? Are you up for the challenge?



So far, it's just us. But we're reaching out like the arms of an octopus to gather more stories, mysteries, and challenges for you. Keep an eye out, subscribe, and see what rises from the deeps.

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