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Bedtime Story: Here Comes the Garbage Barge

Story by Jonah Winter with illustrations by Red Nose Studio

Read for StorylineOnline by Justin Theroux

Try This: Make your own Garbage Barge by collecting up all your non-stinky garbage (like plastic containers) to construct your own Garbage Barge. Then float it in a tub of water and see how much garbage it can hold without sinking.

As you might imagine, we history museum types are kinda fascinated by the things people throw away. From ancient toilets to modern landfills, the story of garbage is the story of us. But this story is about a boat, and a captain, and a lot of garbage that nobody wants. It makes you wonder where the garbage you throw away each day goes...and maybe if we made less garbage, problems like the one in this story would never happen. Think about it.

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