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Bedtime Story: The Lost Thing

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

featuring the delightful book and film by Shaun Tan

We museum people love mysterious, lost things. We find them hiding in boxes, behind barns, amidst a jumble of everyday things. Sometimes they are lost and we have to help them find new homes. Sometimes, we know exactly what they are and what they were used for, even if that use is no more. Some lost things are mysterious and curious. Some things are lost and gone forever.

In this wonderful story by Australian artist and storyteller Shaun Tan, we share the plight of one lost thing and the boy who saved it. We "thingk" you'll love this story as much as we do.

Ruth Marttens of the Hamilton Trust was nice enough to record a reading of the story. Just click the cover and she'll be right with you.

And just when you might have thought The Lost Thing was finished, re-homed, and happily left to its own devices, author Shaun Tan took the story to a whole new level. Have a click on the little drawing below to watch the trailer for the 2011 Academy Award Winning animated film...

In the spirit of supporting the arts and not reposting potentially pirated pickings, we encourage you to watch the whole film via Amazon Prime, or IndieFlix. It's worth it, plus you'll want to watch it again and again to catch all the little details...

In the meantime, if you're curious about how books become animated movies, you'll want to catch this short on the how the film was made. Click the trolley to reveal the mystery of how the story was brought to life through CGI animation.

Lastly, if you liked The Lost Thing, stay tuned for a special review of lost things that found a new home at the Harbor History Museum. Coming soon...

Good night for now.



Lost Thing artwork: Admittedly borrowed from

The making of The Lost Thing:

Teacher's Guide to The Lost Thing from the Australian Center for the Moving Image:

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