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Coloring Pages: "Smoky" Style

Updated: May 19, 2020

A Cool Project by Jean Hannah

Ever wonder how old black and white photos were "colorized"? The secret? It was all done by hand. Here are three of our favorite objects in the Museum collection, but we need your help bringing them to living color. So, get out your pencils, pens, or watercolors, download and print the images on whatever paper you have at home, and add your own living color. Post the result online or around town. Let's make "hart" (history + art) together!

Your Subjects...

Officer Hootie is our after-hours security and reporter. He's long been the guardian of the FV Shenandoah, and has been put on special assignment inside the Museum since we had to close for Coronavirus quarantine.

The Thunderbird is Gig Harbor's iconic sailboat, originally designed by Ben Seaborn and built at Eddon Boat by Ed Hoppen in 1958. These are boats you can build in your garage, so you can literally find them all over the world, from Gig Harbor to Australia and beyond!

The FV Shenandoah, built by the Skansie brothers in 1925, was owned and fished by two Gig Harbor families—Dorotich and Janovich—until she was donated to the Museum in 2000. This April she turned 95 and is looking fine! Help us celebrate by painting her portrait.




Image Sources: Harbor History Museum Collection

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