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The Mystery of "Museum Stuff" ~ Part 1

Getting the Big Picture of Where Stuff Comes from Where it Goes

(Don't miss the video below.)

Ever wondered where museums get their "stuff," all those treasures that wind up being saved for future generations? It's true that many objects are donated by caring people who can spot objects that are iconic of certain moments in time (like a face mask right now!). Sometimes the most ordinary object is the most museum worthy, but that's the stuff that often gets thrown away. Why is that?

Museums have collecting policies that tie directly to their missions. For example, the Harbor History Museum collects artifacts, images, ephemera, maps, and oral histories that relate directly to the people, places, and events in the greater Gig Harbor/South Puget Sound region. We especially like things that connect local history to the rest of the world.

But before we can delve deep into the nuances of where museums get their stuff, we have to ask how PEOPLE get their stuff and why there is so much of it these days. For that basic introduction, there's nobody better to explain than our friends at The Story of Stuff.

Click to watch. You'll be amazed!

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