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Then & Now: The Boat Barn

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The Challenge: Can you find this place as it looks today?

Clue: It's just within the city limits of Gig Harbor and was built in 1921 as a community hall. This photo was taken in the late 1970s.

Can't figure it out? Don't worry. We've posted a NOW picture below, and we admit, it was a tough one!

This building is located a the corner of Vernhardson and Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor, WA. The original building was moved back a bit from the road during renovation and now serves as a private office. Wow! What a change.

Now that you're getting the hang of it, we'll post another "Then & Now" soon.

Image Credits

Then Image: Harbor History Museum Collection, BUS-197-NGH.

Now Images: Mystery Museum Staff Photographer, 2020

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